What is Guidance?

Lighthouses will guide you to safety, but who guides our youth to safety?

I’m going to take a break from women’s illiteracy today and just discuss a topic that has been a bit prominent in the past few weeks.





Lighthouses will guide you to land, but who guides our youth to safety?

Teenagers have so much on their plates, especially high school students. Every day, we work towards securing our futures- going to school, taking standardized test, playing sports. Every second of every day is filled to the top with something. That is stressful by itself.

Now lets add fighting parents, abusive relationships, and mental illnesses. That’ll help with stress, right?

Obviously not.

So what are we supposed to? Who are we supposed to turn to get help? Many kids won’t or can’t turn to their parents. So who can they talk to?

Schools should be a save place. Schools should provide resources for their student to get help and get better, but they don’t.

I’ve only been to guidance once for a personal related issue. In sixth grade, I had a friend who was being bullied by a fellow peer, and I wasn’t going to let it keep happening. So, I took my friend to guidance, who did not do anything. They had us file a complaint. They had two 11 year old girls file a complaint, because that is helpful, and then did absolutely nothing after that. Never was the bully reprimanded or even approached by the school administrators. So much for an anti-bully policy. This hasn’t really instilled any faith in guidance.

Rather than helping students, schools prefer to brush everything under the carpet. When a student dies, whether they be a victim of car accidents or suicide- perhaps a moment of silence is held. That’s lovely, but how does that prevent the issue from happening again? How does that help the students that are effected? It doesn’t and so the cycle continues.

I find it to be ironic. At the beginning of the school year we are required to watch the same two videos in science- one on sexual harassment and one on bullying. These videos teach us what these terms mean. They should be teaching us what to do about it and who to turn to. Student are put in helpless situations because they are not being provided with the resources to get help.

Guidance counselors aren’t seen as people we can turn to. We don’t have any help groups or student outreach programs. Most students are not even told that there are helplines that they can call, let along what the number actually is.

Does this seem right to you? Why isn’t there a place for students to find guidance and security?


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