Political Correctness vs. The Donald

political correctness

It seems like saying “political correctness” at the Republican National Convention is akin to cursing. Donald Trump and his followers treat political correctness as if it is the foundation of everything that liberals stand for. Democrats are in the party of thin skin, made-up rules, and crybabies, while the GOP is the party of freedom, honesty, and “tellin’ it like it is”. The issue seems fairly trivial, but it has received a lot of attention from politicians and the general public alike, so it’s time we took a close look at it.

Are You PC, Bro?

South Park took things to the extreme with the introduction of PC Principal, a strange hybrid of frat-guy and social justice warrior who goes to great lengths to ensure that no one at South Park elementary says anything offensive. I’m going to be a bit un-PC here and assume that this is where Donald Trump got all of his information on political correctness, since people who are politically correct seem to come second only to terrorists on his list of people he’s going to take down.

Is being PC a bad thing? Yes, as Trump defines it, it’s awful, but is it really a threat to the nation? No, not really. Political correctness is nothing more than a new face for the ages-old Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. In simpler terms, don’t kick someone in the shins unless you want them to kick you back.

Let Me Clarify

Now, I’m not going to lie and say that I’m siding with hyper-sensitive people who are easily offended. If someone you meet “assumes your gender” or “assumes your race” and gets it wrong, you just need to politely correct them, not scold them for misgendering you. Such extreme reactions are no better than Trump’s version of “telling it like it is”, and neither of them are even close to being politically correct. Political correctness in its true form, before it has been altered by politicians, requires nothing more than politeness and the understanding that your beliefs are not the only ones that exist. Is that so evil?

The Real Enemy

So what is Trump really fighting against? Well, let’s look at some of the times that Trump has cited political correctness as a major problem in this country: after telling evangelical leaders that they shouldn’t pray for Obama, when he was criticized for calling women “dogs” and “fat pigs”, and when he was attacked for making racist comments about a federal judge. What do all of these incidents have in common? Donald was being a jerk.

It may not be professional of me to say that, but if Donald wants people like me to avoid being so “politically correct”, then I won’t sugarcoat it. He’s an overgrown playground bully, a child who cries and pouts when he doesn’t get his way. That kind of attitude in any politician – especially a candidate for President of the United States – is a recipe for disaster. Dictatorships are built on unchecked authority; democracies are built on compromise. Trump is aiming for the former, while we as a country need to be aiming for the latter. Our goals do not align.

Trump Translation

When Trump says that he won’t be “politically correct”, what he’s really saying is that he’s not going to apologize for being mean to people, which is funny considering how often he plays the victim after scathing attacks from news media. When the media makes negative claims about Donald Trump, he responds with things like “CNN is the worst. They go to their dumb, one-sided panels when a podium speaker is for Trump”. He asks for an apology when Justice Ginsburg publicly denounces him, but rarely apologizes to the countless number of people he insults in a manner far more crass than GinsburgĀ used in herĀ statements. He even comes up with nicknames for those he doesn’t like (Crooked Hillary, Goofy Elizabeth Warren) in a way that is far too reminiscent of the name-calling scene from The Sandlot.

I won’t deny that some people take being politically correct too far, but the way Donald Trump characterizes political correctness is simply wrong. Any time someone calls him out for being mean, rude, or downright wrong, he is quick to declare that “PC culture is ruining this country”. In reality, the opposite is true. A culture of “screw it, I can say whatever I want and offend whoever I want because I’m the only one that matters” poses a greater threat to our country than anything else, and it is only a matter of time before Trump or someone else says something that creates major consequences for America.

Don’t Get Us Killed

The president, like any other diplomat in today’s world, too often finds himself navigating a minefield with every speech. Each and every word that comes out of Obama’s mouth is heard by millions and has the potential to change the reputation of the United States, so he is careful when he speaks. With great power comes great responsibility, and it is the duty of the people to select a president who will use his power responsibly. With that in mind, do we really want to elect a man whose favorite word aside from “great” is “loser”? I hope not.

If you’d prefer to see something that is completely politically incorrect instead, check out my newest Don T Rump rap video on YouTube.

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2 Thoughts to “Political Correctness vs. The Donald”

  1. Political correctness has nothing to do with the Golden Rule and everything to do with the State and thought police. Read Darkness at Noon or Gulag Archipelago, or Orwell’s 1984 for a fast of state sanctioned speech and thought. Trump, although crude, abhors PC. If he wins the Presidential election, it will be interesting to see if he defends free speech as much as he is against PC. His opponent is against free speech and spins words in the press to her benefit (We’ll get the guy who made the video versus admitting Benghazi was terrorism, the IRS suppressing free speech of organizations). Both candidates care flawed, deeply. You have to pick what you want upheld and what you’re willing to put up with or lose. PC benefits no one, but the people controlling the dialog. Last thing, I claim fairness doctrine. Make a blog and video of Hillary. Her party wants the Fairness Doctrine. I do not want fairness doctrine, but do want openness and transparency. If you fi or do not honor my request, I’ll understand. Do what you know is right, but in an open un-PC way.

    1. Thanks again for your thoughts John, and as usual I would like to address some of your concerns.

      Political correctness has a lot to do with the Golden Rule. I’m not going to pretend I agree with the stereotypical “social justice warriors” or people who are far too easily offended, but political correctness is just a fancy term for being polite. I’ve read 1984 and I enjoyed it, but comparing PC advocates to the Thought Police is a bit of a stretch. In fact, Mr. Trump is actually far closer to the Thought Police, since he wants to “open up our libel laws” to ensure that he can sue any news source that speaks ill of him. I suppose he doesn’t quite understand that when you constantly call people losers, suggest that all Mexicans are rapists and criminals, make fun of disabled reporters, and more, you’re giving those “evil news writers” plenty of negative things to say about you that are 100% true. In simpler terms, he wants to prevent people from being able to speak negatively about him because he doesn’t view what he does as negative. Those newspapers may be making false claims about him, but considering how many false claims Trump has made in his campaign, the actions of the newspapers pale in comparison.

      If Trump was a bit more politically correct (I’m not saying he has to say only positive things about others, but steering clear of the word “loser” would be an excellent start), he wouldn’t have to worry so much about the news media. Americans promote political correctness for the same reason we don’t let people yell “fire” in movie theaters: we want to ensure that we avoid saying things that negatively impact the lives of others for no reason. Trump is an influential man, so when he implies that millions of innocent Muslims are “terrorists” or that Mexican immigrants are “rapists”, he is negatively impacting the lives of millions of people. Considering how furious he gets when newspapers negatively impact his campaign, one would think that he would want to avoid such behavior.

      Donald’s actions are often incredibly childish. If he wants to act that way in the business world, he can do as he pleases, but we as Americans expect more from our politicians. That’s why it’s called political correctness; we want those whom we elect to lead us to behave in a way that suits their position and level of power. The President especially needs to be someone who is careful, considerate, and professional, not impetuous and oblivious. We can’t risk giving a man like Donald Trump that kind of power.

      As far as Hillary Clinton goes, I agree with you. She is heavily flawed. I would love to write political articles that criticize her questionable actions, but this is election season. Americans are choosing mainly between Trump and Hillary, and after seeing both candidates in action, I would take almost anyone over Trump. I want to prevent him from being elected, so until I can be sure that he won’t end up in office, I’m going to focus on his faults and not Hillary’s. Hillary is less than perfect, but Trump is downright dangerous; as an American who cares deeply about his country and everyone in it, I’m devoting my all of my efforts to keeping someone like that out of the White House. I’m not pretending to be objective here because I know that I’m not, but I think that doing my research and backing up my claims with evidence adds the credibility necessary to make my writing relevant. I’d rather have someone other than Hillary too, but I don’t want it to be Trump. He’s just too much of a jerk. (How’s that for un-PC?)

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