New Beginnings: Caitlin

Say hello to new beginnings, a place to submit you work about your experience with mental illnesses

A Poem,

By: Caitlin


Say Hello to New Beginnings a forum wear people dealing with mental illness can submit their creative and literary works

Say Hello to New Beginnings, a place to showcase your work and experiences with anxiety and depression.

Our very first official submission is a poem written by our friend Caitlin from England. In her poem, Caitlin expresses her struggle with depression. You may have seen another one of her poems on Donovan’s “Fear of Change” article, he has made many achievements in the past few weeks including starting her our blog which you can check out here. Without further ado…………..Enjoy!

I made a promise I could not keep

My arms are covered in cuts so deep

I cry with fear. I cry with pain

What’s wrong with that fact that I’m going insane

You’ll be fine they tell me.

It’s a phase they say.

But this phase has lasted three months

And day after day, I get close to the end

But come out the other side.

It’s hard to keep secret all the tears that I’ve cried.

For our reader who are new here’s’ whats happening. We have had some followers reach out and ask for advice in dealing with their own struggles with mental health. Donovan will often suggest that individuals dealing with depression or anxiety should try writing. “Why?” you might ask. The answer is because writing is something that both Donovan and I have found to be very helpful to our mental balance. We can put our thoughts into words and put the words on a page, this tends to be very therapeutic; it makes you feel like you can manipulate and control your emotions instead of letting them control you.

A couple followers have followed this advice by writing poems or even starting their own blogs. Also, a couple people have reached out and shared some of their work since reading our website, such as Jessie Logan, author of The Sound of Suicide. Since realizing the positive effects of self-expression through writing and other creative outlets, we have created a platform called New Beginnings for people who have mental health issues to share their work. We take all kinds of submissions such as poems, self reflections, blog post, photography, ect.

For more information or to submit your own work, click here.

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