June Wrap-up and July Goals

June Wrap Up and July Goals

Hey Guys!! June has been super fun for us over here at Stuck With Me Now!

June was our very first month with the blog- that puts us at 18 days. Starting this blog was really exciting, and it gave Donovan and I another reason to hang out (even more than we did before). So really, it was a win-win situation.

Since launching the blog on June 12th we have had over 1,700 page views!! This is something we are really proud of and could not have achieved without the support of our friends and families. (thanks guys!) Next month we hope to achieve even more. Check out what we’re shooting for:

Goals for July:

  • Page Views: We are averaging about 97 page view a day. Our goal is to raise that to 150 by the end of July. 
  • Instagram followers: We would like to have 200 followers by the end of the month.
  • Twitter followers: 5,000 followers
  • Pinterest Followers: 100 Pinterest followers is the July goal.
  • Facebook: 100 likes on the Stuck With Me Now Facebook page.
  • Work on College Essays: As incoming high school senior, this year is about to become over run with college applications. During July we need to knock out those college essays. hopefully this will eliminate some of the stress of applying. 
  • Write some more in Fall Precautions: Stuck With Me Now has been high on our priority lists this month. I am hoping that, in July, Donovan will be able to focus on writing his book. 
  • Apply for Scholarships: As i mentioned college applications are just around the corner, and we are going to have pay for school somehow. Between the two us, Donovan and I are going to apply for 5 scholarships. 
  • Take some pictures: I’m going on my Alaskan Vacation in July and i want to take lots of pictures.

So this is what we’ve got planned for July. Do you have any goals?


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