July Wrap-Up + August Goals

July Wrap-up & August Goals

It’s time to say goodbye to July. This month has gone by so fast, I hope I’m not the only one feeling that way!  But alas tomorrow marks the 1st day of August and the official beginning of school preparations. For most of us school starts in 15 days!! That, my friend, is very frightening.

July was a pretty good month views have been pretty consistent, even if they are a little lower than we would like, and our social following is slowly growing. With that said lets see what we’ve accomplished this month and what we here hope to achieve in August.


July: Recap of Goals

  • Page Views: 150 a day – FAIL. While are page views actually decreased this month, but with some research we learned that because of the vacation season, it’s normal to have lower page views in July.
  • Instagram followers: 200- FAIL. We came super close though! At 166
  • Twitter followers: 5,000- FAIL. We learned that 5,000 was quite ambitious and only made it to 674
  • Pinterest Followers: 100- FAIL. I am going to be honest here, i did not know anything about pinterest, but in the last month we have gained access to rich pins!! If you want to see them I suggest our Stuck With Me Now Board. And I learned that pinterest is more about sharing than followers, so we will definitely be focused on spreading our content.
  • Facebook: 100 likes on the Stuck With Me Now Facebook page. FAIL. This was also a bit ambitious, and coming in with 27 page likes we did not quite make our goal.
  • Work on College Essays: As incoming high school senior, this year is about to become over run with college applications. During July we need to knock out those college essays. hopefully this will eliminate some of the stress of applying. PASS. Well sort of pass. Between the two of us, we completed one essay.
  • Write some more in Fall Precautions: I am hoping that, in July, Donovan will be able to focus on writing his book. PASS. Donovan definitely surpassed his goal by FINISHING his book! He shared a chapter will y’all this month, hopefully it was enjoys
  • Apply for Scholarships: Between the two us, Donovan and I are going to apply for 5 scholarships. PASS. We passed, but just barely. Hopefully the money will start rolling in.
  • Take some pictures: I’m going on my Alaskan Vacation in July and i want to take lots of pictures. PASS. This pretty easy to accomplish who wouldn’t want to take picture of such pretty landscape. If you miss my post on Alaska and the some of the gorgeous pictures check it out here!

    As July comes to an end, it's time to set some goals for August.

August Goals:


  • Page Views: This month we averaged around 23 views a day, I would like that to be closer to 35 by September.
  • Instagram followers: I’m still going to shoot for 200 Instagram followers.
  • Twitter followers: 1,000-With holding some outrageous expectations we’re going to hit 1000
  • Pinterest Share: 300- With my new pinterest knowledge, I now know that sharing very important and I’m confident that our pints with have at least 300 shares
  • Facebook: 100 likes on the Stuck With Me Now Facebook page.
  • Work on College Essays: Continue working to eliminate stress.
  • Publish Fall Precautions: Now that Donovan has finished his book, he is going to do his best to publish it.
  • Apply for Scholarships: Between the two us, Donovan and I are going to apply for 5 more scholarships.
  • Continue to remain sane: We are going to make it through this month with the least amount of stress as possible and avoid all chances of panic attacks.

What are your goals for August?


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