Foodies: La Fiesta


Hey Guys,

So, I love food, all kinds, anything you can think of. If it can be eaten, I will, at the very least, try it- except bugs or snails – sorry escargot lovers. Oh, and peanuts or peanut butter. I hate those, which I realize makes me probably the weirdest person ever. Anyway, I’m not one of those girls who orders a small salad and picks at it. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good salad; I just happen to devour them. I’m always eating, and most of the time, you can catch me stealing food off Donovan’s plate too. Obviously, Donovan has recognized that food is the way to my heart, therefore, food is a prominent aspect of our relationship. We love finding new restaurants to eat at for special occasions. Just a couple of days ago, we made it to our one year anniversary, and how did we celebrate? We went out to eat, of course. La Fiesta is a cute family owned Mexican restaurant in our hometown, and it was there that we decided to have dinner. We chose La fiesta for a couple of reasons, the biggest influence being that Donovan LOVES Mexican food. The boy can live on tacos. Also, La Fiesta has a certain sentimental value to us. We went on our first “fancy date” there. You know, the date where you go out for a real sit down dinner, dress up way fancier than necessary, and just enjoy each other’s company. That day, Donovan had just gotten a new job at Publix, and to celebrate, we wanted to be fancy. Donovan’s dad let him borrow the new car (wasn’t that sweet?) and we went to La Fiesta, where we were declared to be “couple goals” by the hostess. Just like to every teenage couple, that was the ultimate compliment to us, and rounded out a perfect date. The other thing that makes La Fiesta a favorite spot is their prices. The last two times we have eaten there, we made out for less than $25  with tips included, and we had leftovers both times. Plus, they serve complimentary chips and salsa. There’s a white salsa/sauce too (in the middle on the picture). I have no idea what it is, and I keep forgetting to ask, but it is absolutely delicious. It’s nice to be able to go out and have great food without spending all of the money we made during the week. This restaurants with its murals and authentic Mexican food was the perfect place for our anniversary, and I’m sure we’ll be back as soon as Donovan’s next taco craving hits.

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