Foodies: The Blondie

Foodies: Blondies. Blonde desserts do have more fun

There is the saying- Blondes have more fun. While I don’t necessarily agree with that on the basis of people, but for desserts, aka blondies, I do.

Last Friday, as I was driving home from work, I found myself suffering from a major sweet tooth. Normally, I would just wait till I got home and then make a batch of brownies or cookies, but I was feeling a bit lazy. I was on the was to Donovan’s house, and during the drive, I passed by an Applebee’s. It was one of the new restaurants that had opened on our side of town, and was just up the road from Donovan’s. I remembered that they have blondies. Now a blondie is much like a brownie, but it’s made with brown sugar and vanilla rather than cocoa and granulated sugar giving it a pale yellow color, hence the name blondie. In my opinion, they are even better than brownies.

By 5:30, I was sitting at a high top next to Donovan and looking at a menu. Our plan was dessert for dinner, however, my stomach got the best of me, and we ended up ordering mozzarella sticks and chicken wings as appetizers. Both were very good, but dessert was what I was waiting for and finally server brought it to the table.

The blondie was served on a sizzling iron plate (Donovan said they were trying to kill us) and topped with ice cream and pecans. On the side was a maple glaze that could be added on top. I smoothed that blondie in maple sauce. If you can’t tell from the picture, it was delicious. The blondie that Applebee’s has is one of my favorite dessert, and I often just stop by to grab one rather than ordering a whole dinner. The dessert was a perfect fix for my sweet tooth.

Have you tried a blondie? What’s your favorite dessert when you eat out?

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