My Favorite Blogs: Before and After

Obviously before I started a blog, i read blogs and then decide I wanted to write my own. However, since starting Stuck With Me Now, I really started reading blogs, many, many blogs. Now, i have more than two that i keep up with pretty well. So here are my favorite blogs in all niches. Be sure to check them out!




The are my current favorite blogs. The list includes blogs iI follow now and the ones that inspired me to start my blog.Before Stuck With Me Now

I did mention that i read blogs before i started blogging. I’m a lazy person and because of that i found two blogs that I really enjoyed following and latched on.

Gal Meets Glam: this was probably the blog that inspired me the most. I started following Julia longer than i can remember. She has a fashion blog, and through her blog i was able to watch her go from really cute old navy outfits and eventually end up having post set in Ireland showcasing an adorable Barbour Jacket. Watching her move up in the fashion world to full time blogging was amazing.

Favorite Post: Ring of Kerry– this may have a little something to do with that fact the I realllyyyy want to go to Ireland.

A Beautiful Mess: I really hope you’ve heard of this blog run by Elsie and Emma. It’s wonderful, bright and cheerful. They like us, have a little bit of everything when it comes food and crafts. I love their photography tips and the picture of food I wish I could cook.

Favorite Post: Rosemary Bread Rolls– I had to dig deep into the archives to find this post, all the way       back to 2012. With this recipe I made bread for the very first time.

Post Stuck With Me Now

Here are the new blogs I do my very best to keep up with.

Making Sense of Cents: We actually used Michelle’s tutorial to create our website, but I didn’t keep up with her posts until our was up and running. However, I love her money saving tips.

Favorite Posts: Learning to Survive on a College Budget– Seeing as how I will be going to college next       year, I want to get ahead on my planning and start figuring out to survive in the future.

Bitchy But Bubbly: Starting with the name what’s not to love? Sarah has got it going on. She brings up great points about life and adds some sass to her thoughts. She has something for everybody on her site.

Favorite Post: We’re the Great Pretenders– never has the fakeness of instagram been so eloquently           pointed out and at the same time inspired the human race to happy with what’s actually happening in     our life. Thank you for popping that bubble, Sarah.

Last but certainly not least………………………

The Pioneer Woman: the blog, not the show. However, I am quite guilty of watching her cook Sunday mornings on Food Network. Not only does Ree feature her products on her site (in love with the flea market ramekins), but she also has lots of recipes and giveaways.

Favorite Post: Roasted Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner– My family with it bravery and lack of family             recipes decided that last Thanksgiving we were going to make a new version of The Turkey. Following     this recipe, we had a delicious citrusey and rosemary-y turkey. Soon. we are going to try this recipe           out on a chicken, I’ll let you know how that turns out!


What are Your Favorite Blogs??


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