Ending Illiteracy

Ending Illiteracy

This my final installment of post on women’s illiteracy. For those of you who are new, a few weeks ago we began a discussion about illiteracy and how women make up a majority of that population, but also how educating women is the first step to ending poverty for many families. You can read the full post on women’s illiteracy here. Ultimately ending illiteracy is an important cause and many organizations are working for that exact goal.

Last time, I shared some information about SHARE in Africa, an organization based in the U.S. with a focus on girls in Africa. I did this because, Africa is one the countries with the highest literacy rating, especially when it come to women. However, SHARE is not the only organization for this cause, and Africa and girl are not the only ones suffering from illiteracy. Therefore, I want to share some other charities that are well worth supporting, The following organizations are all working to end illiteracy too:

Ending Illiteracy

Literacy Organizations

Book Aid International: Based out of the UK, and works with publishers to provide people in Africa with brand new books. While they do not accept donations of used books they do work with these organization who sell your books and give some of the proceeds to Book Aid.

First Book: Based out of Washington, DC, and donates books to schools and programs dedicated to help and serve low-income families. Residents of Little Rock, Arkansas can come on out and volunteer.

African Library Project: Based in the US, encouraged volunteers to organize book drives for gently used books, and then ship them to communities in Africa. they have collected 2 million books to help support almost 2,000 libraries.

Books for Barrios: Based out of California, sends books to “deprived, depressed regions in the Philippines.” The organization began and is maintained by U.S Navy families, stationed in the Philippines. They need volunteers help from around the San Francisco Bay area.

 International Board on Books for Young People: works to bring books to children all of the world. You can become a member of IBBY and work with teachers, journalist, authors, and parents to support the organization.

So there you have. There are many more I didn’t include, all good choices. I think that it’s important to help when you can, and these children and adults need our help.

Let us know how you help.






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