Don T Rump Returns

Don T Rump

Watch Don T Rump’s campaign announcement:

Watch Don T Rump Tackles the Issue of Women’s Rights:

Don T Rump is Back!

As some of you may have noticed, I’ve started to make videos recently. After watching a few of Donald Trump’s speeches, I was inspired to create my own completely unrelated character named Donovan Terminator Rump. Don T Rump is a simple man with simple ideals; he doesn’t waste time with political correctness or ethics, he doesn’t tolerate any sort of criticism, and he knows with absolute certainty that he is always right. This is the kind of man that we need as the President of the United States, at least according to Mr. Rump. Don’t agree with him? Well, it’s probably because you’re a dumb loser and he doesn’t need your vote anyway.

In his quest for the presidency, Don T Rump will face many challenges, and you can be sure that he will handle them with all of the grace of a drunken elephant. How many different groups of people can he offend in a single speech? Will his hair stop looking so terrible? Will he actually become president? Only time will tell, so please, feel free to join me as I take Don T Rump to heights that no one could have seen coming.

Some Apologies

There are two apologies that I need to make here, and the first one is fairly easy. I do need to apologize for the quality of the color correction in this video. I tried out a new style of lighting that did not work well, and I won’t be using it again. I also need to get a more powerful computer, so hopefully between the hardware upgrade and the lighting fix my next videos will look a bit better. Until then, I hope that my poor color correcting skills add to the comedy of my video.

The other apology is not quite as simple, because I messed up more than just the color corrections. Leanne didn’t like my original idea for my Don T Rump video. I thought it was great, but she was worried that it would make us look unprofessional, and she also didn’t want me to become a bully. I know now that she was right about that, but at the time I let my pride get in the way. I thought that I had made something amazing, and I couldn’t understand why she didn’t agree. I ended up posting the video anyway, both on YouTube and on our website, despite Leanne’s protests. This made her pretty upset, and frankly she had every right to be. I was too caught up in my own ego and I didn’t stop to think about how my actions would affect someone I love.

I’m happy to say that it all worked out well in the end, but I also am not going to sit here and pretend that I didn’t do anything wrong. I screwed up, and it hurt Leanne. After over a year of dating with no fighting, we finally had our first big argument because of my actions. I guess the point of this whole apology is to share with you all the lesson I learned. Don’t let your ego overshadow the people you love, especially when they are still willing to date you even though you now own a hat with a poop emoji taped to it.

The video will not be appearing on the website because Leanne and I agreed to keep my Trump videos solely on our YouTube channel. Use the links above to watch them, and feel free to subscribe!

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