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If you have read our post about this months and last months goals, you have seen a little something about college essays and scholarships. That would be because it is college application season. Staying in spirit, Donovan and I went on our very first college tour at UCF. Now it was a unique trip, mainly because our teenage procrastination let us wait to long too long to sign up for our tour, so we did a self tour.






There were 4 main things that we wanted to see: the library (yes, i know that i am a nerd), the honors college, the engineering school, and the apartment style dorms. We accomplished this goal and found some pretty cool places too.

The Library

UCF_LIBRARYBeing the nerd that I am, I had to see the library. I must say it was very impressive. With five stories of books and study rooms, it was officially bigger than the main library in my hometown. The bottom level was actually underground and was solely dedicated to the government papers. The books above were a small exert from the many volumes of parliamentary papers, and it smelt like it looked, like old books. However, this was a still one of my favorite parts of campus.

the honors college

Due to our self-guided tour, there wasn’t much to be told about the honors college. The nice part was once we walked through the building was a really cute court yard. The court yard had some really pretty plants, nice reading benches, and an adorable koi pond- which made an appearance on our snapchat.

The engineering schoolengineeringhall

We probably had the most fun in this building, and it had nothing to do with the fact that we want to be engineers. Nope. There was a glass room in the middle of the building called the “idea lab.” The “idea lab” was filled with with some very interesting furniture. Stools that were set on springs and spun as soon as you sat on them, new age disk chair that with some faith you could spin around, and a bumpy orange couch. I’m not sure how this was supposed to be a study room, but it was certainly fun.idea-lab-ucf



We were not able to see the regular dorms because the tour was cancelled, however, we really wanted to see the apartment style dorms. Luckily, one of Donovan’s old cross country teammates attends UCF and it in the honors college. He was nice enough to show his own dorm and give us a pretty good idea of how things on campus worked.

Laser Lab

Donovan’s friend isĀ also an intern for a proffessor- a special kind of optics engineer. He works with lasers; putting them together, etching glass, that kind of thing. The professor let us walk around the lab in some adorable eye goggles and check out what they were working on.


I myself very much enjoyed our day spent on campus, and i know Donovan did as well. While we are still applying to other colleges, this was definitely our favorite so far.

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  1. wow that’s a nice campus

    1. It was really pretty -Leanne

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