Changing Lives: SHARE in Africa

Women's illitarcy is a huge problem today. Share in Africa is working to help girls be safe and learn.

Continuing our discussion on women’s illiteracy, I would like to talk about SHARE in Africa. I mentioned before that part of our discussion will be about organizations that are helping to eliminate women’s illiteracy today.

How it Began

This organization was started by one girl with a vision.

“It all began in May 2008, when fifteen year-old Shannon McNamara was planning a service trip to Africa. She learned about the gender bias that prevents many girls there from getting a quality education, and she was determined to help.”

Shannon helped girls in Africa by rallying those around her to donate school supplies. She collected  500 pounds of books, supplies, and computers creating a fully functioning library

“From that initial project, SHARE (Shannon’s After-School Reading Exchange), was born.”

The goal of the organization is to empower girls through educations.

What SHARE has accomplished

Since the initial project:

  • SHARE has built more libraries and established after school reading programs, with the help of 30,000 donated books.
  • installed electricity and solar power in 3 schools.
  • built new dining halls
  • provide scholarship for girls to go to high school.

New Goals

SHARE is now working to make schools safer. Safety is often an issue in schools including unsafe conditions and kidnappings. New steps that they are taking are:

  • They are helping to build fences around schools and keep guards posted in order to reduce threats of kidnapping.
  • Rebuilding dorm doors is another safety addition
  •  Renovating restrooms. Most schools restrooms were outhouses and often student were in danger of fatal spider bites.

How to help SHARE help

There are a couple of things that we can do to help SHARE continuing making progress in ended women’s illiteracy.

  1. Sponsor a girl. For $250 you can provide a 1-year scholarship to a girl and help her stay in school. $1,ooo provides a full 1-year scholarship to an orphan providing her with everything necessary to go to school.
  2. Fundraise: you can host a fundraiser and donate the proceeds to SHARE. Next week we will be providing examples.
  3. Spread the world. Talk about what share is doing to inspire others to make a difference, but also talk about the horrible illiteracy rates and the negative effects of them.

SHARE is an inspiring way to help. What inspires you to help others?



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