Changing Lives: 2 Easy Fundraisers

2 easy fundraisers that are kid friendly too!

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Continuing with the our theme of women’s illiteracy, I want to share 2 easy fundraiser ideas that are perfect to help raise money for this cause. Organizations like SHARE in Africa are able to continue helping girls in Africa mainly due to monetary donations made by people like us. The 2 fundraisers I will be talking about are not particularly “new ideas,” but they are perfect for school or church organizations, and individuals plus they are super kid friendly.

2 Easy Fundraisers

  1. Yard/Garage Sales: I think every suburban family has had a yard sale. Over time we accumulate lot and lots of things. Things that over time are rarely used by us, but are perfect for someone else. They are perfect for larger organizations as well because 1) there are more items to sell and 2) more people will hear about the sale and come check things out. Some items that are great for yard sales are clothes, books, sporting equipment, cookware (pots and pans), and small appliances.
  2. Bake Sale: Bake sales are my favorite. Partly because I love to bake and due to the fact tat they are extremely easy- especially at schools and churches. Usually twice a year my key club hosts a bake sales at the school. We stick to simple things- brownies or cookies. These are always successful because teenagers like sugar and when they are trapped on campus with a bake sale as their only source, well they tend to buy that brownie or the cookies.


We often come across great causes that we want to donate to, however, for many of us, we do not have an endless supply of money. That is why hosting fundraisers are so important, as a community we can do so much more. A little bit here and there adds up and we are then able to help many more people and stay with in our means. so give one a try!

What are your favorite fundraisers?


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