About Stuck With Me Now

To Our Readers

Hi, I’m Donovan, co-creator of Stuck With Me Now. Of course, as the title co-creator implies, I’m only half of this operation. My girlfriend, Leanne, is the other half, and it was her desire to design a blog for the two of us that led us to create Stuck With Me Now, a blog about … well, anything really. There are so many things going on in the world to talk about, so it almost seems silly to limit ourselves to just one topic. For instance, I have an intense love (Leanne would probably call it a nerdy obsession) for Star Wars and would enjoy writing about that subject. Leanne, on the other hand, is a bit more interested in food, travel, and cute decorations for apartments. Though our interests don’t always align, we offer one another the opportunity to experience new ideas and learn about new things, and I really enjoy that aspect of our relationship. When Leanne asked me to make a blog with her, one where we could write about anything, I was a bit skeptical at first. What would I even write about? Then I sat down to watch the news. Within 30 minutes I had heard stories on the presidential race, the NBA playoffs, the ISIS threat, and more. That’s when it hit me: I really could write about anything! I could give my thoughts on anything I wanted, and I could see other people’s opinions in the comments on my posts. I could learn so much from doing research for my writing. Most importantly, I could do it all with the amazing girl who thought of all of this in the first place, Leanne. After that, I was sold, and now we have a blog.

Oh, and I’m sure you’re wondering why we called it Stuck With Me Now, right? Well, the name was inspired, as Leanne would say, by my “dorkiness”. I like to ask her if she’ll be my girlfriend (even though she already is), and when she says yes, I say “Good. You’re stuck with me now.” That phrase has become an inside joke between Leanne and I, and when it came time to title our blog it didn’t take long to settle on a name.

About Donovan

I am a high school senior, and I am sixteen years old. I spend most of my free time (when I’m not editing the blog) reading, writing, and playing video games. I’m also a fan of running and biking, although I’ve done a lot more biking lately. Depression has made my life a bit more difficult over the past six months or so, but writing about it really helps, and I’ve gotten a lot better. Most of the credit for that should go to my parents, my dogs, and Leanne. They all helped me through a really tough time.

Depression isn’t my defining trait though. I’m also a really big dork. That’s not a term I’d normally use to describe myself, but Leanne seems to think it fits. She does have a point, as anyone who’s seen me sing and dance in the car as much as she has will know. It’s not my fault I have the voice of an angel. It’s just what God gave me. He gave me Leanne too, and I’m far more grateful for that.

About Leanne

Before I start, I want to correct one thing Donovan said. I very much enjoy being silly and singing with Donovan, but I wouldn’t go as far to say he has a voice of an angel. As a matter of fact, I believe his mother told him not to quit his day job.

Now back to me, I am also a senior in high school. However, I am 17, and yes, a cougar. I am just fine with that. I’m also the president of Key Club and the resident nerd. Because of this, outside of working on the blog, most my days are spent volunteering, reading, and working.

Although I often attempt to start exercising, even enlisting Donovan to help, I can’t seem to stick with it. I enjoy a nice and easy bike ride, every now and then, but running? Count me out. Yoga is more my speed.

I have big hopes that this blog will be successful in sharing the voice that is often ignored by those older than us. With Donovan by my side, I know that we can do this.